Our Cakes

We also offer Gift Boxes of our cakes.

Wholesale now available, with free delivery within a certain radius of us, please contact us for further information.

Award Winning Fruit Scones – Lightest and fluffiest around.

Custard Tarts – A traditional favourite sprinkled with nutmeg.

Carrot Cake – Moist sponge with fondent topping, complete with a white chocolate carrot!

Toffee Apple Cake – Deliciously soft toffee sponge, with a ribbon of apple.

Lemon Sensation – One of the most popular cakes once described as a ‘lemon cloud’, rolled in Welsh butter and dusted in confectionaires snow.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie – Rich chocolate square covered in a velvety chocolate icing.

Strawberry Shortbread – Rich and buttery shortbread with a strawberry jam centre.

Our Cake Selection

Fresh Iced Buns

Gingerbread People – As it says, sporting Smartie buttons.

Caramel Slice – Otherwise known as millionaires shortbread

Vanilla Slice – Creamy Vanilla Creme patissiere in a puff pastry topped with white icing.

Cream Slice – Welsh whipped cream in a puff pastry topped with icing and a fresh strawberry.

Lemon Buns – Large round buns with a lemon creme patisseriefilling and lemon icing.

Flapjacks – Chocolate chip

Eccles Cake – Moist currants packed into buttery puff pastry cases.

Raspberry and Almond Fragipane – A very popular square with a pastry bottom, a light fragipane sponge and topped with fresh raspberries. As made for and featured in Britain’s Best Bakery.

Apple and Cinnamon Fragipane – As the raspberry only apple and cinnamon.

Pineapple Creams – Old-fashioned favourite, buttercream and pineapple filled tarts with yellow icing.

Vienese Shells – Vienese biscuits dipped in chocolate and filled with buttercream.

Banoffi Cake – Toffee Flavoured sponge with a toffee icing, topped with banana fondant.

Currant Square

Cherry Bakewell

Apple Strudel – Traditional festive favourite, puff pastry and icing top encases a generous filling of apple, raisans and spices.

Chocolate Truffles – A decadent mix of chocolate, rum essence, sponge and biscuit rolled into a ball and coated with chocolate vermicelli.

Bara Brith – Traditional Welsh tea bread, soaked fruits in tea and spices and matured for several days foroptimum flavours. Best served with Welsh butter.

Welsh Cakes – Small dropped scone type cakes, delicious sprinkled with brown sugar and warmed under a hot grill.

Mince Pies – Our legendary mince pies, a rich buttery pastry filled with our premium quality mince-meat and laced with Courvoisier brandy.

Honey BunNEW Fluffy buns, injected with a sweet honey nectar.

Pear and Almond Slice

Fresh Fruit Meringues – Delicious light meringue shells sandwiched together with whipped cream and topped with fresh fruit.

Double Decker – Layers of vanilla custard and fresh cream inbetween puff pastry, topped with caramel icing.

Apple Turnovers – Sugared puff pastry generously filled with apple and fresh cream.

Chocolate Eclairs – Choux pastry fingers, filled with whipped cream and covered in chocolate.


Custard Donuts

Fresh Cream Donuts

Fresh Strawberry Tarts – Creme patisserie filled pastry tart cases, topped with fresh strawberries and a gorgeous strawberry mergel.

Selection of Fairy Cakes – Themed dependant on occassion. Either vanilla or chocolate sponge with a fondant and topping and decorations.

Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes – Our signature cupcake. Vanilla sponge with a strawberry milkshake swirly topping, complete with a straw and fresh strawberry. A definite favourite of Mich Turner from “The Little Venice Cake Company”.